Sobre Mi

I’m a full stack developer and software engineer with extensive Python,
web programming, and distributed systems experience.

I am an experienced and respected community organizer. I am most deeply
involved in the Python community.  I  have been the chair of PyCon Argentina
2012, the Python Argentina flagship  conference, and i founded the SciPy
Argentina Community and also i was elected chari of SCiPy Argentina 2015

Professionally, I have worked in businesses of every size, from
multinational corporations to startups, primarily small, focused teams.
I  know how to identify good ideas, develop them into products, see them
through to market, advocate and sell, and respond quickly to changing  demands.

I am well-versed in public communication, mediation, developer outreach
and marketing. I pride myself on staying on top of new trends and technology
and identifying where they can benefit the companies,  communities and
organizations I am involved with.

At last i working through my PhD in machine learning and data mining.


– Extensive Python experience in many domains ranging from distributed systems to web frameworks.
– Experience and familiarity with the best of breed tools within the Python ecosystem.
– Full-stack web development, including Javascript, CSS, and UI/UX design.
– Extensive Operating Systems skills with a focus on Linux and other UNIX-like operating systems.
– Direct experience with the storage, compute, and queuing cloud  services on most major providers, including backend implementation and  client-side developer interfaces.
– Broad experience writing technical articles explaining technology to developers and non- developers alike.
– Machine learning and statistics knowledge


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